The Committee
  1. Gill Butler
    Chair of PL24 Community Association, Chair of Par Wheeled Sports Park steering group, Editor of PL24 community magazine Phone: 07969 378052
  2. Tony Nethercott
    Vice-chair of PL24 Community Association, Vice-chair of Par Wheeled Sports Park steering group Phone: 01726 814282
  3. Jenny Moore
    Growing project and Grow St Blazey liaison, Phone: 01726 816849
  4. June Anderson
    St Blazey Town Council (mayor) Phone: 01726 813995
  5. Caroline Wildish
    Tywardreath & Par Parish Council (chair) Phone: 01726 832525
Ali Clarke                         Secretary
Christine Bone            Minutes Secretary
Val Tippett                     Treasurer                                                                Email:  [email protected] 
Chrissie Yendell         PL24 Magazine advertising rep                           Phone: 01726 815
Yvonne Endean       PL24 Magazine advertising rep
Jordan Rowse              County Councillor for Par and St Blazey Gate   Email: [email protected]
Pauline Giles                County Councillor for St Blaise                            Email: [email protected]
Ryan Chamberlain  Town Councillor for St Blaise                               Email :[email protected] 
                                                  Parish Councillor for Tywardreath & Par

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