The Committee
  1. Gill Butler
    Chair of PL24 Community Association, Chair of Par Wheeled Sports Park steering group, Editor of PL24 community magazine Phone: 07969 378052
  2. Tony Nethercott
    Vice-chair of PL24 Community Association, Vice-chair of Par Wheeled Sports Park steering group Phone: 01726 814282
  3. Eve Winterbottom
    Treasurer of PL24 Community Association, PL24 magazine publication group Phone: 01726 812815
  4. Yvonne Endean
    General Secretary
    Secretary, Publicity Officer
  5. Christine Bone
    Minutes Secretary
  6. Jenny Moore
    Growing project and Grow St Blazey liaison, PL24 magazine publication group Phone: 01726 816849
  7. June Anderson
    St Blazey Town Council (mayor) Phone: 01726 813995
  8. Caroline Wildish
    Tywardreath & Par Parish Council (chair) Phone: 01726 832525
  9. John Page
    Friends of Par Beach liaison Phone: 01726 814430
  10. Chrissie Yendell
    PL24 Magazine advertising rep

Co-opted members awaiting confirmation at AGM:

Amanda Morrison                      Prospective Treasurer
Chrissie Yendell                          PL24 Magazine group
Cietese  Adams                           Youth representative
Rvd Linda Isiorho                        Youth Coordinator

With support from local councillors:

Jordan Rowse                          County Councillor for Par and St Blazey Gate
Andy Virr                                  County Councillor for  Tywardreath and Fowey
Pauline Giles                           County Councillor for St Blaise

Ryan Chamberlain                     Town Councillor for St Blaise
David Hughes                             Parish Councillor for Tywardreath & Par
Roy Taylor                               Town Councillor for St Blaise, chair of Fourways Youth Centre